Duties & Protocols

I. Duties and Protocolsbookwalter

Extern hours. Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM or until all patients are treated. Monday and Wednesday may be earlier due to surgery if it is week to be assigned. Our weekly podiatry conferences will be posted.

Weekly Schedule:

        • Monday AM = Surgery, Podiatry Special Clinic (Drs. Prokop/Blue/Nassau)
        • Monday AM = Advanced Wound Clinic (Fellow)
        • Monday PM = Podiatry Clinic (Drs. Prokop/Blue/Nassau) Conference @ end of clinic
        • Monday AM and PM   Podiatry Surgery Drs. Blue/Ballow
        • Tuesday, AM = Surgery, Podiatry Special Clinic (Dr. Blue)
        • Tuesday, PM = Complex Podiatry Clinic (Dr. Blue)
        • Wednesday AM = Wound/Diabetic Foot Clinic (Drs. Blue/Nassau/Ballow) Scheduled conference @ noon
        • Wednesday PM = Complex Podiatry Clinic (Drs. Blue/Nassau)
        • Wednesday AM and PM Podiatry surgery (Drs. Blue/Nassau/Ballow)
        • Thursday, AM = Podiatry Clinic (Drs. Blue/Nassau) Journal club prior to clinic
        • Thursday PM = Complex Podiatry Clinic (Dr. Blue) Scheduled conference at noon
        • Friday AM = Diabetic Foot Clinic, (Drs. Prokop/Blue/Nassau)
        • Friday AM = Advanced Wound Clinic (Fellow)
        • Friday PM = Podiatry Clinic (Drs. Prokop/Blue/Nassau)

Students should provide contact information so they can be notified of scheduling changes or called for emergency surgery.


Student Packet – DVA Eastern Colorado – VA Denver

Pre-arrival and First day: See Pre-Registration and Your First Day

Duties and Protocols:

Dress: Clinic attire with white coat. Scrubs permitted. NO denims.

Extern hours. Mon -Fri, general clinic hours are 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM. Monday and Wednesday are earlier due to surgery. This may vary due to inpatient rounds.


1. What is your diagnosis?

Clinical Responsibilities: After your appropriate paperwork is completed, students may begin assisting the residents with the clinic patient load. Your primary responsibility is to work under the direction of a podiatric resident.. Observing, scrubbing on surgical cases, writing operative reports and orders, attending rounds and consults. Periodic journal club and conferences. The residents and/or staff will assist you in using the computerized medical records system we use for charts, orders and prescriptions. You must understand that this hospital only recognizes graduate Doctors, not student Doctors, as able to assume direct patient responsibility. This extern program encourages students to assume clinical responsibilities [with graduate Doctor Supervision] and as much hands on patient care in the clinic as the student is able to demonstrate to the residents and podiatric staff. New patient/triage clinic students present to attending.  When rescheduling new patients check with the resident you are working with.

CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) We have templates available to start a note, use them. By inserting  information under each heading of the template you insure a complete note. You also need to insert either a visit type (E&M code) or procedure code and one or more diagnosis codes into a note encounter.  It is recommended that at the time your patient is entering the treatment room you should begin a computerized note.  It will act as an electronic reminder for you to complete the note if not done immediately. Staff and residents will always help if you have a question.

Students who do not complete their clinic notes will not be granted an interview for the residency.

Dispensing of post-op shoes, CAM/CAST walkers, Powerstep OTC orthotic devices, all require a consult be placed in CPRS. Ask the resident how to do this.

Equipment: Most equipment is provided; you should bring a SW monofilament, penlight, tractograph and millimeter gauge.

Library: The VA Library [2nd floor] has core medical references & virtual journal  library, basic podiatry texts are in the residents room and Denison library, Univ Colo med schools, allows online  journal access at their facility and book interlibrary loans. 12950 E. Montview Blvd [Montview @ Tucson Way] Aurora, CO 80045.

Evaluations: The clinic chief, the other podiatric residents and the staff will provide input on the evaluation required by your school. Evaluations will be completed by the podiatric staff.

Hospital Information



2. What is your diagnosis?

Basement houses Medical Records, Prosthetics  and Cafeteria /Gift Shop

First Floor is Outpatient clinics with atrium waiting area, Emergency Room, Admissions, Pharmacy, clinical lab, Cast Room

Second Floor includes the library Imaging/Radiology Department, Physical Medicine and Rehab, hydrotherapy, Physical Therapy

Third Floor is Pathology, Lab, Medical Media

Fourth Floor includes Dr. Ballow’s office, Conference rooms, O.R. Suites, 4S podiatry admissions

Ninth floor podiatry reception, podiatry clinic, resident offices and conference room

Phone Extensions – (For complete list, see posted sheet)
Main phone number (303)399-8020
Dr. Ballow – ext. 2019
Podiatry Clinic – ext. 5663
Resident pagers – Call the VA operator or the on call page number is 303-610-0024.
Local calls = dial 9, after tone dial number

Parking – Free street parking is available around the hospital. Ask residents about off-street parking.

Meals/coffee – Breakfasts and lunches are served in the cafeteria. Starbucks is located in the Atrium lobby.

Public Transportation – The RTD bus arrives at front door of the V.A. Mondays through Fridays. Please check the RTD bus schedule for detailed information.

Supervision: Present your patients to the attending podiatrist or if he or she is unavailable the senior resident in the clinic.

Presentation: Each student will be assigned a topic for presentation .

Exit interview: We want to know about your externship experience here, let Dr. Ballow know during the week prior to departure.

Externship Scheduling: Dr. Prokop will schedule externs, distributed as evenly as possible over the year. This will be compiled into a spreadsheet. He will answer questions on scheduling. Students will be emailed information at least a month or more prior to their arrival.  Housing is available off site at the student’s expense. The Surgery office staff you may interact with is Sheila Johnson.  She is located in Room 4C-117 in Surgery Service.


 Answers: 1. Embolic shower to toes. 2. Deep venous thrombosis (DVT)