Preparing for Arrival & Your First Day

New Podiatry Students:

1 – Please complete and send the attached “Computer Access” form to Kimberly Lantz at fax: 303/393-5235 (or scan) ASAP.


What is your diagnosis?

2 – Go to and complete everything on that link. Click on Mandatory Training and follow the instructions for First Timer Users. When you have completed the training, print the three certificates that are available. Human Resources must have the completed forms and training certificates before WOC (Without Compensation) letters and Appointment Affidavits can be signed in HR. You must bring hard copies of all forms with you to be turned-in to HR.

Your first day here you will get your fingerprints taken then when background check completed a few days later you will go to get your badge. (You will not have computer access until you have the VA badge). Please contact Kimberly Lantz@ 303-399-8020 x 2917 before you arrive, if you have had a badge from another VA, or if you do item # 3 below.


What is this sign?

On your first day here (if not done already) you will go to the HR Building at 820 Clermont Street to get fingerprinted (5 days later when background has cleared) you will go back to process for the badge (You can’t get VA computer codes until you have a VA badge). You must complete a WOC letter at the 820 Clermont Street HR Building, to be placed in your file with HR Specialist Sandy Gray.

3 – If you are out of the Denver area, you have the option of getting courtesy fingerprints at another VA facility. Those prints will be transmitted to the Denver VA. You still need to allow 4 to 5 business days for the prints to be processed and received by the Denver VA. The advantage of doing this is that you will not have to wait 4 or 5 days to get your badge once you arrive in Denver. The form for courtesy fingerprints is on the link above.