The Department of Veterans Affairs Eastern Colorado Health Care System’s Podiatric Wound Care and Diabetic Foot Research  Fellowship Program provides broad training in the evaluation and management of diseases encountered in podiatric medicine as it specifically relates to wound care and diabetes. The training program usually consists of one year of clinical and basic research training followed by an optional second year depending upon individual needs and available funding.  The fellowship typically starts July 1st and end June 30th. Other time frames are possible.

The Fellow will function as a Junior Faculty member, participate in the teaching of podiatric medical students and residents, and have ample opportunity to be involved in clinical and basic research projects. The fellow will also be given responsibility for outpatient clinics, inpatient rounds, general podiatric surgery and will have several days of afterhours call responsibility each month.  All efforts will be made to accommodate the applicant’s areas of interest or future goals for fellowship training.

The fellowship provides trainees with in-depth experience with the full spectrum of patients, problems, and settings that podiatrists are likely to encounter. The curriculum includes the following:

  • General Podiatric Clinical Training
  • Interventional Vascular Service
  • Infectious Disease
  • Endocrinology
  • Research Methodology

Fellows also participate in a weekly combined conference on wound care and vascular issues and undertake scholarly projects in their field of interest, which may include clinical or basic science research. The format is both intensive and flexible, allowing participants to customize their training to suit their personal career goals.

All fellows in training are expected to:

  • Increase their basic medical knowledge base in podiatric medicine, wound care and limb salvage
  • Improve skills in the diagnosis and management of a variety of chronic wound care disorders
  • Develop investigative skills in related disciplines

The following policies govern the fellowship program:

The application period begins July 1st of the year preceeding the start year.

There is no fee to apply for the fellowship program.

Applicants are informed of the completeness of their application by March of the start year. Interviews are conducted in March.

Candidates are notified of their status in the selection process by email or letter.

The selection committee consists of the fellowship program director and all attending podiatrists including the current fellow. Past fellows may be included in the process at the discretion of the program director.

The interview committee consists of the fellowship program director and one other podiatrist as referenced above. All interviews are conducted in an ethical and equitable manner. All applicants are treated in a non-discriminatory fashion.

The stipend is $52,684 per year plus benefits (malpractice coverage, paid vacation, sick leave, paid time off for seminars/conferences, discounted health/vision/dental  etc.)