Compensation & Benefits

Resident compensation:

PGY-1       $44,255
PGY-2       $46,665
PGY-3       $49,728

Trainees Paid by VA – Either in VA-Sponsored Programs or Affiliated Programs. (1) All paid associated health trainees must be U.S. citizens. For trainees paid directly using the VA’s Personnel Accounting Integrated Data (PAID) system, an Official Personnel Folder (OPF) must be established and trainee appointments must be documented on a Standard Form (SF) 50B, Notification of Personnel Action. Trainees must be appointed and paid directly by VA from VHA centrally-allocated funds, based upon the allocation process managed by OAA. NOTE: Local facilities may not use appropriated local medical care funds to pay trainees.


Vacation   [2 weeks]
Sick leave
Health, dental and vision insurance [discounted]
Disability insurance
Malpractice coverage
Life insurance [available]
Paid time off for conferences
Discounted fitness center membership
Discounted travel benefit (Government rate)
Lab coats